Library Collections

Collection 1 – Professional

  • Are You A Savvy Networker? offers the best strategies to instill confidence and success during any networking event. Not sure what to say? Feel self-conscious? Need follow-up ideas? Then this 5 part audio series will change your game plan! Also included is the downloadable e-book version.
  • Business Plus: Real Ideas for Real Results. 8 audio recordings from the interview series. The individuals interviewed, all experts in their field, share tips, strategies and applicable ideas to enhance both your personal and professional life.
  • Is There A Book In You? I’ve often heard people say, “I really want to write a book.” Or, “So many people have told me I have a great story to tell.” Well, now is your chance to begin. This 5 part audio set will help you consider becoming an author.
  • Personally Speaking Volume 1 includes 14 inspirational essays designed to enhance your journey and provide you with actions you can implement to enrich your life. Each essay is also available as a downloadable PDF.
  • The Gift of Perspective – Let My Hindsight Be Your Foresight. In this e-book Phil Parker has captured the essence of the lessons he’s learned. Phil guides you in how to experience your life from a different vantage point, encourages you to stretch from where you are to where you want to go, and how to align your life congruent with your priorities.

Collection 2 – Expert

  • Business Plus: Real Ideas for Real Results. 31 additional interviews from the series.
  • Personally Speaking Volumes 2 and 3. 28 additional inspirational and motivational tapes (and PDFs) – providing you with continuous reminders on enhancing one’s relationships with self and others.
  • Y.O.U. – Set A High Standard for Being Human. Life is about connecting. This e-book is full of ideas to enhance and strengthen your personal and professional relationships.
  • Think BIG: Build Relationships, Improve Performance and Get Bottom Line Results. This e-book offers insights into the question “What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?” While there is not any single or right answer, there are, of course, strategies that when applied can have a major impact on one’s success.

Collection 3 – Master

  • Business Plus: Real Ideas for Real Results. 44 additional interviews from the series.
  • Personally Speaking Volume 4. 14 additional motivational audios and PDFs.
  • Walk In My Boots – The Joy of Connecting. Connecting is about valuing who you are & shifting your consciousness to share yourself with others.
    When you understand this concept the doors to life changing money will open!
  • Kiss Yourself Hello – From A Life of Business to The Business of Life (by Phil Parker). This humorous, inspiring, and entertaining story of Phil’s journey will fill your mind with purpose, passion, courage, commitment, enthusiasm and humor.
  • The Quick Connection: Effective Connecting for Effective Results. A reference tool to help you effectively impact others and increase your success!
  • The Cash Connection: Get the results you want – SALES! Learn the steps that lead to the cash results you’re seeking.

That’s a total of 8 complete e-books, 149 audio files, and 56 PDFs – all immediately accessible and loaded with valuable information you can use today!

If you are serious about having a full range of information and desire to significantly step up your game in a productive way, this collection provides everything. Make the commitment to increase your value in the marketplace. Apply what you learn and reap the results.

Are you ready to Master your life and your business?

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